• Real Estate Should Be About Truth.

      Everyone deserves the truth. Too much of the real estate process is a mystery, and it does not need to be. I have built my business over the last 23 years by dealing truthfully with my clients.

      Take real estate websites for example. I built mine to represent my work philosophy; direct and to the point.

      Agent websites are "supposed" to have a property search tool. Mine does not. Why? Because I could never do property search as well as Zillow or others. They spend millions of dollars on search. Why pretend? I stick to what I do best‑‑selling real estate.

      [TRUTH]: Property search tools on agent websites are a lead capture tool, nothing more. I do not want to capture leads, I want to build relationships. If you are interested in discussing more truths about real estate, you can contact me here .



      Real Estate Should Be About Trust.

      Earning trust takes time. It’s easier to trust someone when a recommendation comes from a friend or family member. But what if the relationship is starting from scratch? How is real trust earned? I’ve learned over the years that this is the real key to success; giving the client the space and time to develop that trust. By speaking the truth, that trust will follow.

      Take marketing a home for example. My focus is entirely on the goal of selling that home under the most favorable terms for my client.

      [TRUST]: This trust should be obvious. When I build a property website for a client, the only information I include about me is my contact information. The entire property website is dedicated to the home I am marketing. Why? Because I was hired to sell the property, not myself. Click here to see some sample property websites.

      After my client’s selling goals are achieved, they are happy to tell their friends and family about me, which is the best marketing I could ask for. If you are interested in discussing more ways I will earn your trust, you can contact me here.



      Real Estate Should Be About Information.

      I like to keep things simple. Some people like more details. Here are some resources if you are interested in more details. If you would prefer to talk, you can contact me here .


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