• My Personal Story

    I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland. My family moved there from Upstate New York when I was 12, and we lived there year round in a new development (it was new back then!) in Ocean Pines, just across the Assawoman Bay. I spent my middle and high school years caddying at the Ocean Pines Golf Course, delivering fudge to the Candy Kitchens, serving breakfast at The General’s Kitchen, and cleaning glasses behind the bar at The Bonfire. One Summer I even delivered furniture at the store my Mom managed, Resort Furnishings--one Summer moving furniture was enough for me :)


    I graduated from The University of Maryland, and stayed. I have lived all over the DC Metro area; Rockville, Bethesda, Falls Church, Arlington, Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and Reston.


    I have five brothers and sisters. My two brothers are adopted (they are actual brothers!). My wife’s family is from Ohio, and she spent her youth living in many different places (they are a Military family). We have an awesome six year old named Mack.