• Listing Agent Interview Questions

    What is the name of your brokerage?

    RE/MAX Allegiance

    What was the total dollar volume your brokerage closed in the previous calendar year?


    How many total transactions did your brokerage close in the previous calendar year? ​


    What are your individual production numbers?

    The RE/MAX Mid-Atlantic Region (Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia & West Virginia) has 3,636 total agents. My production ranking among individual agents for the last three years:

    • 37th
    • 22nd
    • 36th

    How long have you been selling real estate?

    I have been a licensed Realtor for 18 years, and was a mortgage lender for 9 years, for a total of 27 years in the industry.

    Where are you licensed?

    Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

    Have you ever had your real estate license revoked or suspended?


    Have you received any training, what type and how often?

    I take 45 hours of continuing education per cycle for the three jurisdictions I am licensed.

    Has a seller ever cancelled an agreement with you, and if so why?

    Yes, of course. Some houses don’t sell, that is just an honest fact. Any agent that is doing any considerable amount of volume will at some point part ways with a seller. It does not happen often, but when it does it is always amicably.

    Can you provide listing agreements and/or required seller disclosure paperwork for review before entering into an agreement?

    Yes. I send listing paperwork prior to execution for client review, and am happy to discuss and answer any questions before entering into an agreement.

    Please list three things that separate you from the competition:

    1. You can always count on the truth from me. There is no ulterior motive underlying anything we will discuss. The foundation of my business model is to speak the truth, and to pull back the curtain on real estate sales. I am not implying that other agents are dishonest (I have worked with a lot of great ones!), but rather that speaking truth and earning trust are my guiding principles.

    2. Because I have worked on both the financing and sales side of the business, I have a unique understanding of the entire real estate transaction cycle.

    3. I focus on what I do best, selling real estate, and I am honest about my role in that process. I am continuously honing the four major skill sets that my job requires (Pricing, Preparation, Process, and Psychology). My job is to present a property in the best possible light to the widest pool of buyers, and my experience and training is
    focused on that.

    Do you have a personal assistant or a team that supports you? If yes, please
    describe their involvement and/or role in the sales process.

    I have made the conscious decision to handle all of the important stages of the sales cycle. I do outsource certain processes, like photography and marketing material. My view on this is my clients are hiring me, not someone less qualified than I am. Prospect follow up is a great example; I know my client will be better served if I am handling that component rather than an hourly employee who would be less skilled at that task.

    How far in advance will settlement documents be received for review?

    This is contingent on the title attorney involved with the settlement, but usually at least one week prior to closing.

    What is your commission fee structure?

    I will provide this when we meet I have a few tiers and levels of service available.

    Do you have contacts to assist with repairs, staging, etc?

    Yes! Over the years I have developed relationships with an amazing group of contractors and
    service providers. I can coordinate many of the common tasks associated with the selling process.

    What is your policy and/or your Company’s policy regarding agreement cancelation?

    I have a personal business philosophy that if a client’s situation changes and they no longer want to work together, I would not force them to do so.

    Will you build a property website as part of your marketing efforts, and can you provide some sample websites?

    Yes. I build personal property websites for every listing. I use technology that will display cleanly and easily across multiple user devices, regardless of the buyer prospect’s device and technology skill set. You can view some sample websites I have built here: www.SellWithMikeBurns.com

    How do you track online activity for your listings?

    The software platform I use to build the personal property websites provides traffic statistics which can be used to measure marketing effectiveness.

    What are the steps you will take to prepare the property for sale?

    Every property is different, and once we walk through the property together, we will create a detailed list of items to be completed prior to listing that will optimize the appeal and widen the pool of potential buyers.

    How, and how often, will we communicate throughout the selling process?

    Every client is different, and I communicate with each client based on his or her individual preference.

    How long will the property take to sell?

    After we review the sales data in your local market, and evaluate the condition of the property, we will create an informed estimate of the time it will take from listing to settlement.

    Do you represent buyers and sellers on the same transaction?

    No. If I am hired to sell a property, then I will only represent the seller. There is an inherent conflict of interest in representing both sides of a transaction. It is legal in Virginia and DC, but not in Maryland. There have been exceptions over the years when both parties wanted to do it and it made sense for them, but as a general practice I stick to representing one party.

    Do you have references?

    Yes! I am happy to provide a list of years worth of clients for reference.